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     Our Approach                      

Stonesfair’s investment principles are based upon the following criteria:

  • Acquire properties at a favorable price, as compared with comparable properties, and substantially below replacement cost;
  • Preserve and Protect original invested capital of Stonesfair and co-investors;
  • Generate consistent cash distributions to co-investors;
  • Pursue capital appreciation for Stonesfair and its co-investors;
  • Provide certain income tax benefits.

Stonesfair aggressively pursues opportunities to “make money on the day we buy” a property.  We purchase properties below their current fair market value and /or find properties which provide us with the opportunity to “add value” within the first 12 months of ownership.  The financial performance of a property must meet our acquisition criteria.  Through consistent application of these fundamentals in locating and enhancing undervalued properties we have been able to achieve excellent investment returns.

    The three keys to our success are: 

    1) Discipline to buy the right properties at the right time for the best price

    2) A high quality of service to our tenants; and

    3) Close attention and control of expenses.

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