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              Why Invest With Stonesfair ?

Stonesfair Management LLC and its affiliated companies are a San Francisco Bay Area-based corporation that acquires, improves and manages residential investments. Its foundation began in 1993 when Stonesfair started its successful path towards the acquisition and syndication of large multi-family projects in Northern California and Montana. In 1996, the entity Stonesfair Management LLC was officially created and has since become a successful and well known property management firm.

Each of our communities is the result of meticulous planning. Starting with geographic location we analyse local economies confirming that our residents are within easy reach of employment, transportation, and, entertainment. We pay careful attention to realized gains, the availability of parking, and the unit density of our properties. On-site, we provide a range of amenities such as swimming pools and quality fitness centers and even game rooms.

Stonesfair distinguishes itself by maximizing operational efficiencies and creating a comfortable environment for tenants. We apply our many years of market experience, high standards and sound decision-making to each acquisition as it is made. We take advantage of new technologies and the innovations brought forward by our own employees. Our organization is built on the skills and expertise of results-oriented professionals who take pride in the company they work for.

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